WAPRO Mission Statement

The Washington Association of Public Records Officers (WAPRO) is a non-profit corporation founded to provide education in support of the Public Records Act and to provide a forum for public records officers and those involved in responding to public records requests.

New! WAPRO Certification and Recertification Applications Now Online!

WAPRO is pleased to announce that we've gone digital! We are transitioning the application process from a paper form to an online form and will no longer be accepting paper applications for both initial certification and recertification. In the online application, you will have the ability to easily upload proof of attendance documents, and each of the available course codes per category (as seen on the updated approved course list) will be listed for you to choose from. This will help to streamline the application process, and greatly reduce the potential for errors.

If you submitted a paper application prior to the launch of the online form - your application will be processed in paper form - you do not have to complete any follow-up. Please contact the WAPRO office regarding any certification questions.

Call for Candidate

The WAPRO Board has had an unexpected vacancy, and needs a Secretary. Do you think that this could be the perfect position for you? Please review the job description and nominations process, and consider joining this hard-working group of Board members!

This position will accept nominations until filled.

2015 - 2016 WAPRO Board of Directors

We are pleased to introduce your 2015 - 2016 WAPRO Board of Directors! Their term begins December 1, 2015 and ends November 30, 2016.

Whitney Rhodes, President
Denise Vaughan, President-Elect
Kathi Anderson, Vice-President
Tyler Entrekin, Treasurer
Melissa Blankenship, Director
Terri LeFors, Director
Joanna Lee, Director
Sheila Friend Gray, Director

Certified Public Records Officer Designations

Congratulations to the following Public Records Officers who received their CPRO designation recently:

  • Sheila Friend Gray
  • Linda Kauweloa
  • Jennifer Newton
  • Naima Rushiddin
  • Nancy Trail

Announcing the Second Edition of the Public Records Act Deskbook

The Washington State Bar Association now has available for purchase its 2014 second edition of the Public Records Act Deskbook. WAPRO thanks the WSBA as well as the WAPRO members who were involved in providing recommendations for this second edition. You can purchase the Deskbook on the WSBA website.

Featured FAQ

The public agency I work for recently conducted an internal investigation into the conduct of an employee who works in the field. Is our internal investigation subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act, or is there an RCW that exempts it? We are concerned that if some of the records, such as interview notes, were disclosed, it would create concern of retaliation and make some employees hesitant to cooperate in the future...

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