WAPRO Mission Statement

The Washington Association of Public Records Officers (WAPRO) is a non-profit corporation founded to provide education in support of the Public Records Act and to provide a forum for public records officers and those involved in responding to public records requests.

Certified Public Records Officer Designations

Congratulations to the following Public Records Officers who received their
CPRO designation recently:

Certification Recertification
Scott Clark Shelby Miklethun
Theresa Gibbs Giselle Kamieniecki
Peri Edmonds Jennifer Hermann
Jasmine McLaughlin  

Featured FAQ

The public agency I work for recently conducted an internal investigation into the conduct of an employee who works in the field. Is our internal investigation subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act, or is there an RCW that exempts it? We are concerned that if some of the records, such as interview notes, were disclosed, it would create concern of retaliation and make some employees hesitant to cooperate in the future...

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