Member Spotlight

Jerome Wilen
Public Disclosure Manager
Port of Seattle

Q: Are you a Certified Public Records Officer (PRO)?


Q. How many years have you been a Public Records Officer (PRO)?

Four years. However, I have been involved in Public Records/Disclosure since 2001.

Q. What is one Public Records tip or best practice you have gleaned from your work that you would pass on to others in this field of work?

Be as kind as possible to a requestor even when they are not kind or nice to you.

Q. How did you get involved with WAPRO?

I was first introduced to WAPRO in 2009 and then in 2014 I began attending the spring and fall conferences on a regular basis. 

Q. What do you consider the biggest public records challenge (either with the PRA or holding a position responsible for compliance with the PRA)?

Biggest challenge has been with compliance. Educating staff on what records are disclosable and/or not disclosable. Some staff which need to provide us with copies of records responsive to requests do not want to provide records due to the belief those records should be withheld because they feel certain information should be or is considered to be confidential.

Q. What is your favorite motto/quote?

I don’t have a favorite motto/quote, but there is a quote on success I do like from Dr. Tony Evans – “Success is not what you have done compared to what others have done. Success is what you have done compared to what you were supposed to do.”

Q. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Spend time with my wife and 11 year-old daughter and 14 year-old son. 


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