Member Spotlight

Tess Thompson
Records Management
Monroe School District

Q: Are you a Certified Public Records Officer (PRO)?


Q. How many years have you been a Public Records Officer (PRO)?

I have been working on Public Records for five years but just recently certified.

Q. What is one Public Records tip or best practice you have gleaned from your work that you would pass on to others in this field of work?

Stay as organized as you possibly can!

Q. How did you get involved with WAPRO?

Another employee who works for our School District told me about a WAPRO conference, I signed up and joined and have loved it ever since.

Q. What do you consider the biggest public records challenge (either with the PRA or holding a position responsible for compliance with the PRA)?

Being the only person reading the emails related to all public records in our District is very challenging when you have a huge request, multiple releases and multiple requests you are working on at one time.

Q. What is your favorite motto/quote?

“Livin’ the dream!”

Q. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy spending time with my husband, two sons and our dog, going on long walks, vacationing in warm climates, art-drawing, reading, and spending time with friends.


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